Meet BOT Shreyasi

Next Generation Virtual Recruiter

Build for Speed and efficiency, Automate your Recruitment Process

conversational Bot Shreyasi.

For high-volume Recruitment, here's what the automated recruiting workflow looks like

You Receive Thousands of resumes for a job posting and 75% of the candidates are not suitable.

Bot Shreyasi Screens all your Candidates in real time over PHONE, WHATSAPP and CHATBOT cognitive screening technology grades top candidates for you to instantly.

On a click of a button, instantly set up interviews with 1000s of candidates.

Intelligent AI system helps your candidates by answering all their questions about the job.

Shreyasi assesses candidates by Video interview technology, algorithms to analyse candidates emotions, word choices and personality to help you assess if they're a good fit.

Watch real-time or watch pre-recorded on your time . Just click a button to invite candidates to personal interview or to hire them on the spot.

Spend more of your time interviewing candidates in person and partnering with hiring managers to make better hires,faster.

BOT Shreyasi works same as any Recruiter in your Company works but virtually with Higher Efficiency and at very low cost.

Shreyasi will seamlessly integrate with your current recruitment stack to cause minimum disruption in workflow.

Hire 10X Faster, which means Recruiters will be able to conduct proactive strategic hiring rather than spend most of their time with reactive backfilling.

Recruiters will have more time to spend with candidates in-person to build relationships and help determine culture fit. Recruiters will able to close the loop with hiring managers as AI allows them to use data to show recruiting KPIs including quality of hire.

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